Operate as part of an Emergency Control Organisation


This unit covers the competency required to implement the emergency response specified in the workplace emergency procedures or specified by a person at a higher level in the emergency control organisation.

People who undertake this work will be working within the command, control and coordinate structure of the emergency control organisation.


This unit applies to employees in the workplace within all industries and in all contexts.

This unit places responsibility on individual employees who are delegated responsibility as part of an emergency control organisation to participate in the preparation of workplace emergency procedures; alert and report potential workplace emergencies; evaluate the need to evacuate a work area; prepare for an evacuation; and assist people who may require assistance in accordance with workplace emergency procedures.

The knowledge and skills gained through the completion of this unit may be applied by employees across all industries.


  • Respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings
  • Initiate and control initial emergency response
  • Anticipate the further development of emergencies
  • Assist with the post-initial response


Theory and Practical assessments

Course Snapshot

Course Code PUAWER005B

Delivery Details:
4 hours (Face to face)

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