In addition to offering training courses, we provide a range of professional services. Our highly qualified staff can assist in the following areas.

Emergency Management Procedures

Incidents can strike at any time, is your business prepared? Do you have robust work procedures that can manage incidents before they strike and during and after an event? Are your employees trained and competent to react to an incident? Are you really prepared for when things go wrong?

Risk Management is a tool used in business to ensure we meet our legislative requirements, keep our people safe and protect our environment. Documenting the risks associated with a work task and incorporating appropriate controls into a sequence of steps for doing the task safely will ensure you and your employees are aware of risks and have appropriate control measures in place to keep you safe. We can help you develop safe work procedures that are tailored to your business.

Get your business prepared by having documented procedures, trained and competent employees who know how to react effectively to emergency situations. Chaos can strike at any time, how you and your employees respond to these events, before, during and after an incident can mean the difference between life and death and business continuity.

Rojo Emergency & Safety Training can develop for your business, safe work procedures such as; Emergency Management Plans, Emergency response training, Risk assessments, Safe Work Practices and conduct mock Emergency Evacuations.

Call us today, so we can start helping you build a brighter future when it comes to risk management and the safety of your people!

Fire Safety Equipment – Inspect & Tag

Keep your workplace Safe. Regular fire protection inspections will ensure all fire services are online and ready to use in the event of an emergency.

Fire extinguisher, fire hose reel and fire blanket testing are carried out on a 6 monthly basis by our fully trained technicians as prescribed in AS/NZS 1851.

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Audits

Workplace audits are conducted for several reasons including compliance with international or Australian Standards or to provide an employer with information to assess how the company is performing in areas such as hazard identification and risk management processes, injury and accident reporting, review of operating procedures and policies and conformance to WHS Regulations and relevant Codes of Practice and their current safety management system is:

  • the safety management system documentation continues to comply with legislation
  • that the safety management system is achieving its objectives
  • that the safety management system is adhering to and maintaining the performance criteria
  • that the auditing system of the prescribed entity’s safety management system is effective
  • that any modification compliance audits have been done when necessary
  • that the prescribed entity is giving effect to the safety management system

Conducting the Audit

Audits can consist of desktop reviews of relevant documentation (controlled documents and records), interviews with relevant personnel and wherever possible field observations of actual work practices. As the audit proceeds detailed notes will be kept of audit observations on checklists prepared in advance. Sufficient notes must be recorded to verify what was audited.

Audit Report

The Audit Team will ensure an Audit Report is compiled and submitted within an agreed timeframe.

All findings will be written so that they are factual, specific and reference the basis for the finding and reference any supporting evidence.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drugs and Alcohol have a few direct (and indirect) costs to business.

  • Reduces productivity and increases absenteeism
  • May contribute to workplace injuries

Rojo Emergency and Safety Training offer both Urine and/or Saliva drug testing. All testing meets relevant standards – AS/NZS4308:2008 (Urine Testing) and AS4760:2006 (Saliva Testing).

Drug Testing

Drugs group testing include:

  • AMP (Amphetamine)
  • MOP (Morphine)
  • MET (Methamphetamine)
  • COC (Cocaine)
  • THC (Cannabis)

Testing can occur at your workplace and any non-negative results will be sent to an accredited laboratory to confirm results with a full report provided to the client.

Alcohol testing

Alcohol testing devices meet Australian Standards – AS 3547 (Breath alcohol testing devices).

The process is non-evasive and can take as little as 10 seconds to complete.